This website only includes SushiMan stores in California. The website for SushiMan stores located in Hawaii will open soon.
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An affordable way to gorge on sushi."

- Honolulu Star-Bulletin / The Weekly Eater - Nadine Kam

New Menu


604 UDON PLUS A | $7.99
Full size Kakke Udon with 4pc California Maki and Crunch.


605 UDON PLUS B | $8.99
Full size Kakke Udon with 2pc Shrimp Tempura, 1pc Fish Tempura, and 2pc Gyoza


521 KID'S PACK | $5.99
Avocado Maki, 6pc Spam Musubi, and 1pc Gyoza


Small Chicken Donburi with 2pc Gyoza


812 KID'S BEEF DONBURI | $5.99
Small Beef Donburi with 2pc Gyoza

Welcome to SushiMan

SushiMan first opened its doors in 1996,pioneering a new era of quick and fresh Japanese cuisine. With a wide variety of sushi and other Japanese food in a friendly atmosphere,

SushiMan quickly became popular among locals and tourists alike.

The novelty, affordability, and efficiency of SushiMan restaurants drove a wave of expansion across Hawaii and San Diego, where we offer made-to-order, fast, and delicious food to suit your busy life.

We thank you for your support as we continue to grow.

Come and indulge in the SushiMan experience today!



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